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charging a battery

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I would suggest NO  !  If the battery is of the sealed 'Leisure' variety, I can assure you it will knacker it.  I know to my cost with an electric outboard battery (Leisure battery). It lasted 4 charges and packed up. The fist question asked by the supplier was "Have you used a car battery charger"  ?  I now have a trickle charger which could be left on, although it isn't. Worthwhile getting the correct charger.

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On 07/12/2020 at 19:37, London Best said:

I thought a car battery charger WAS a trickle charger!

Nope! "Trickle charging" is usually up to around 2ah. A lot of the older or cheaper car battery chargers can and will charge at 6to10 amps. Enough to overcharge "and bulge" a sealed battery. sealed batteries should really be charged with a smart charger..

The OP may get away with just an hour or two on a normal car charger set at low if it has dual settings.

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