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I’ve got the same gun and same problem. I thought the Ultralight felt barrel heavy, so not keen.

 I now use an 8kg weight and do 3 lots of 10 bicep curls (I think it’s called) for both arms a few nights a week. It takes 5 minutes and sorted the problem.

May not work for everyone, but I have arms like pipe cleaners after a lifetime of pen pushing.

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On 07/12/2020 at 20:04, JDog said:

My guns both weigh 8lbs. I have one or other in my hands so often that I never feel their weight.

I suggest enrollment in the gym section at Kenwick Park to build up muscles.

Kenwick Park? I think you have a case of mistaken identity JDog, you know that place is only for countryside royalty.

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So I thought I would update you.

I swapped my Silver Pigeon for an Ultralight yesterday.

My usual gunshop, where I bought the Beretta three years ago, had a secondhand one in. It was tidy, and luckily the stock was the same length as mine. I felt it fitted well and came up nicely. 

We did a direct swap, no money and I can return it if I don't get on with it.

This afternoon I took it out to a wood to try a few shots in the wind. Three pigeons for five shots, across the tops of some tall pines, all crossers.

I think I will be keeping it.

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