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Beretta S687 forend repair

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Chances are you could do it yourself, I suggest using Zap-a-gap which you should find at model shops or on an auction site.

Red is thin - very fast.

Green is medium - still quite quick.

Yellow is thick - slow.

Green will possibly be the best, it is excellent for sticking fingers to things.

Good luck with it,

Tony Morris.

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You can easily repair this yourself with polyurethane expanding constuction glue. I repaired several Browning and Miroke fore ends where parts were broken off completely. Try to open the split a bit from the inside with a knife or other sharp tool and work the glue in completely through te split. Then clamp it in a vice or secure it with masking tape , be sure to maintain the correct position of the part that split or broke off. Don’t remove the exanding glue until is has completely set and you repair is as strong as the wood that you glued together.

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Your close to Demonwolf4444 off here, the woodworking gunsmith. He's in North Yorkshire up in the hills stillington iirc. Drop him a pm in here or contact him on Instagram.  Very nice young man who's work is very good.

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