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Which durable water repellent?

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My ancient German army surplus Gore-tex over trousers have started letting a bit of moisture through.

The Gore-tex website advises washing and ironing to wake the waterproofing up and if that doesn’t work (it didn’t) to apply durable water repellent.

Anyone got any recommendations for a suitable product? There seems to be plenty about at varying prices.

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OH and I were discussing this very topic just the other day, after she had applied some waterproof product to a pair of shoes she has. It’s Nikwax, and she doesn’t have much faith in it based on past experience. The only product I’ve used was Nikwax, and that was many moons ago when I washed a jacket in it. It didn’t work and I’ve never used it since. It smells of PVA so I’m assuming that’s all it is, albeit an expensive one. 
It sounds like your gore-tex membrane is either breaking up or is punctured, but I may well be wrong. 
Personally, I would apply a good coat of wax to your over trousers ( if they’re cotton ) and use them like that. I once did this to a pair of favourite over trousers that were past their best....worked a treat ‘til I put on too much weight; can’t get in them now! 

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1 hour ago, billytheghillie said:

a product called repel from diver dave on the bay of plenty is what you need.

I second this..Diver Dave’s stuff is good. I use it on my flat cap randomly...the water just beads and runs off. 

I have also used Nikwax, I used it on a soft shell style coat and it worked to an extent, it was shower proof - like going from car to office or out for a smoke time scales. Describing it as waterproofing is a massive exaggeration imo 

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14 hours ago, Diver One said:

Reproofed my £15 "charity shop find " Drizabone drovers coat with Nikwax. Came out like brand new and has never let a drop of water in. I used the hand spray applied version recommended by Drizabone


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