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Hi guys. 

im being treated to some pilla shooting glasses for Xmas from the wife only I’m struggling with what lenses to pick.

id like a sun glasses type, a yellow type for poor light which is all iv only used in the past with my evolutions. Now I see a lot of people with red,orange and purple lenses so thought of one of them for my 3rd set. There only for clays and I mainly shoot in woods. And fields 

any help will be most welcome. 



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Recommendations are useless, depends on your own eyes and how they see the clays against the backgrounds.

My go to for over 90% of my shooting is 65  orange.  

Go somewhere you can hold them up and look at clays being thrown.

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Yes it's worth doing that.

I usually look through them at clay comps, some were great at a certain things like black clay against grass. 

I looked blue lens two shades of purple and red. The lighter shade purple was the only lens I would buy to add to the lenses I have.

Don't forget to get a dark full sun lens, I have two brown lenses of differing darkness. One is like normal sun glasses shade the other is darker for clays going past the sun. Still not perfect but better than any other lens I've tried.

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