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Should I risk it?

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Out of the blue, I was gifted a brace of Greylag yesterday.  We're having Christmas dinner with my parents this year so I rang mum and floated the idea of goose instead of the turkey crown she is going to get.

I've never prepared a goose before but I'm pretty sure I'll be suicidal after plucking and dressing two.... so is it going to be worth it?  I know they're not like domestic geese, so they'll be a bit of a lottery in terms of taste.  I get the feeling from a bit of research that they maybe don't lend themselves to roasting, due to the leanness of the meat?

My mrs isn't an enthusiastic eater of game despite me trying to convert her... she kind of turned her face inside out at the idea.  My 4 year old son is a bit hit & miss - he wolfed down the last mallard I did with a plum sauce, can't get enough of pheasant fajitas, but hasn't always been into it first time.

I might hedge my bets and go for a small turkey crown and just roast one goose alongside it, leaving the other goose available for something like the slow cooker or tagine recipes I've read about on this forum.  I don't want to knacker Christmas dinner!


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Being lucky enough to live in Norfolk I have partaken of quite a few geese, mainly greylags. It is quite a strong meat compared with partridge or hen pheasant more along the lines of pigeon. Pretty much anyone that enjoys liver, heart, kidneys etc. will enjoy goose. An old one needs stewing.

If I was to introduce someone to the meat I would cut pieces of breast at an angle, cover in parma ham (or similar) brown off very quickly in a very hot pan then finish in a medium oven for a few minutes, say 140 for a fan, allowing as long to rest as to cook. Make a little pouring sauce from reduced orange juice with a little marmelade (a dark one) and finish with butter.

If this was for Christmas day main meal I would do them as an extra as you have suggested.

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OK thanks guys, I'll take heed of the general consensus I think!

Mum's found an old recipe in one of her ancient cook books but I don't think she maybe realises the difference between greylag and what used to be the traditional Christmas goose in Ye Olde times!

I'll find a solution.  But first I've got to pluck these damn things...... 😪

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