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Stanley Flask Resurrection..

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Well, I’ve had this Stanley dumpy, soup flask for some time now and all’s been well.. until I misplaced the silicon seal on the wide stopper. Thankfully, no hearty, hot soup was displaced when the discovery was made. 

A bit of online research took me to Stanley’s UK distributors - Burton McCall and an email was sent.. three weeks later and a brand new stopper arrived, free of charge.. Fantastic customer service and one happy fella, so a big thanks and a ‘well done’ to Burton McCall..

All the best - Salmo9.

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I have to say that there are a number of companies who supply the shooting/fieldsports community that have very good service.  Two that spring to mind that I have had very good service from Whitby & Co (Leatherman knives/tools) and Ear Mould Technology (Emtec/Noisebreaker custom passive ear plugs).

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I have a couple of the silly expensive Stanley master series food jars that I bought for about £20 on sale instead of £70. One of which was faulty and didn’t keep stuff hot but after a lot of chasing of Stanley in the US a warranty replacement was provided. Quality escapes are always going to happen when everything is now made in Chyna. 

I also have the classic green Stanley flask - holds 1l of tea and I never need that much and it is often still hot the next morning!

I hope that they will last 30 years of so as I hate buying cheap and chucking stuff 

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