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Anyone not having turkey ?

the hitman

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2 hours ago, GingerCat said:

Probably a blt sandwich as im working this Xmas. Will be up to my neck in domestics i suspect. 

A decent bit of beef the day before though.

I have offered to cover the Xmas day shift for our newest Member, he can visit his disabled son and then spend time with his family.

Xmas dinner will be a curry!

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I'm not joking! This is what happens when you promise a 6 year old they can choose whatever they want for Christmas dinner.

A footnote before anyone gets too disgusted. It's pretty much our only takeaway of the year and we eat like kings on the other 364 days, mainly wild game, home kill lamb or fish that I've caught. 

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Just done the washing up and lazing on the sofa in front of the wood burner.

Had smoked salmon and other little bits for a starter,then had a large leg of lamb and a ham for mains plus all the veg, it looks like we will have a lot of lamb sandwiches for the next few days.Have not had Turkey for years.

Had a lovely plum pudding and also a trifle for dessert. Out after woodcock tomorrow to burn it all off.

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We all sat at the kids table today in the living room in front of the multi fuel stove for roast salmon cut of beef, roast ham, sausage meat stuffing, small roasties, some mash, carrot and parsnip mash, some sprouts, Yorkshire puddings and gravy. Excuse the shoddy presentation but it was friggin lovely.

Up at mum's tomorrow for Turkey after hopefully a wee run round the hedgerows and a looksie down the little marsh to see if any ducks are about.

A note on the sausage meat stuffing.....mum makes it up for me and I cook it, it's that good both of my brother in laws(top notch chefs) request a log of it every year from her!


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