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Flighting in a Gale

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A decent influx of pigeons in North Northumberland over last week or so led to a farmer ringing me to keep them off his rape. Other areas might have reduced OSR grown but it’s the opposite here and this farm has 6 massive fields, back to back. A difficult proposition, but a northerly gale tempted me to a small hardwood planting in the middle of the fields that the birds use as a sitty wood. I arrived just after first light and settled in on the lea side, grateful for the shelter. The farmer is a keen bird man and has feeders throughout the planting. I shared the morning with hundreds of small birds, utilising the feeders. After 30 minutes  I was beginning to think I’d blank when a score of pigeons flashed overhead and I scrambled 2 down. I stayed for another 2 hours and was treated to some great sport, with birds presenting every shot in the book. I eventually picked up 12 thanks to good work from Stan in thick cover, along with a bonus corby. Not a big bag but extremely enjoyable. Mightily impressed with the 34g No5 pigeon extremes through my Maxus.

Stan 231220.jpg

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Did similar on Xmas eve,got out of the wind and sleet showers among some whins and had some sporting shooting for an hour or so .Picked half a dozen,all in top fettle.It put some snow down as I packed up and there hasn`t been a pigeon to be seen last couple of days,must have moved them on.

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