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Fancying a new break barrel.

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I have an aa s200 sub 12 and an aa s410 xtra in fac. I'm finding that my divers bottle is going out of test between refills, so I have decided to get a Hills hand pump, so that solves that little dilemma.

But, I have an urge to treat myself to a break barrel. I've always used .22 so might go .177. Something just to grab as I go out to cover the times when a squirrel jumps out in front of the car as you drive up the farm lane and you think should have brought a gun.

After a quick peruse looking at BSA lightening or a HW 99s, any suggestions ?

This of course might just be a fad I'm having at the moment because the fat man in a red suit didn't leave me Kylie Minouge or Joanna Page, and I'm still pouting.

Am I too old at post 60 for such a desire, the gun I mean, I would have taken a chance on those beautiful ladies.

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