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Ford Ranger headlight

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I’m looking for some advice from anyone who’s any good with vehicles as I’m useless to be honest. 
I have a 64 plate 2.2 Ford Ranger and I noticed that I had a drivers side headlight out so assumed it was the lamp. I purchased a replacement and went to change the lamp but also found the lamp base was burnt out also sourced a new one and replaced that. This still didn’t solve the problem so I’m now wondering if the headlights have individual fuses ?

They both work on full beam but the drivers side doesn’t work on dipped ? Any ideas anyone 🤔

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Hi mate

got this off the Ranger forum it looks like you need to get a reset done on the module

Same on my 2015 today. Fitted led bulbs & got one not working. So tried standard bulb back in & still nothing. Full beams fine. So looks like a reset then.

Sorry for such a late reply but I have only to day finally sorted my dipped beam light issue... it ended up in a Ford main dealer for a new fuse box/module and re-coding

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