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Yes I have one (a petrol manual 2014 2.0) and I like it. It has nearly 11" of ground clearance and is robust enough to tackle moderate terrain without too much effort, in fact the angles are slightly better than the bigger forester, and it's lighter weight makes it arguably the better proposition for muddy bits. Boot big enough to hold two labradors in comfort. Not overly quick, but it will keep up with traffic. I average 38-40 mpg mixed driving over maybe 8000 miles a year. It's comfy, and most have climate/heated seats/sat nav. 

Owned it just over 3 years and it hasnt needed anything other than a set of rear pads and normal servicing items.

The newer models have more electronic aids for traction (2017 onwards I think) so are probably safer.

I have had 4 Subaru's now and they have all been relatively trouble free and represent good value for money.

Edit: forgot to add, I don't rate the standard geolandar tyres. I swapped for Michelin latitude cross which are much better off road and give slightly better economy on road. Worth the extra £20 a corner.

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Thanks for that ,most helpful! Decent mpg too which is a plus .Wouldn`t be going for the later version as I dont want the auto box !!!!! They look a very competent off roader,I had discounted them as I was told they all had the auto box but saw a manual at a shoot on Sunday.

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I think up to around 2017, roughly half of all petrols sold were manual. So you shouldn't have much trouble finding one. That does include the early 1.6s (which is the only model in the range to have the hi/lo range box) but are best avoided because they are badly underpowered. The auto (actually a CVT) works well with the diesel because it has much more torque, but is not a good fit with the petrols.

My best mate is a Subaru mechanic so we spend a lot of time talking about them!

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