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Disco 3 intermittent fault

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20 hours ago, wyn said:

A D3 has 16 ECU's   they all need reading and faults clearing with something like a GAP IID.

+1 on the above, if you own a D3 a GAP IID tool is worth its weight in gold, its an expensive outlay initially at around £350 for the blue tooth version, but it will save you hundreds in the long term, and they sell for not much less 2nd hand, so you can always recoup your outlay. Each tool is coded to a particular VIN number, which restricts it's use on other vehicles to basic diagnostics and resets etc, so you can use your tool to read the codes on other D3's but you can't perform some of the advanced diagnostic & calibration features such as coding new keys and calibrating the air suspension etc. The pro version of the tool as used by garages etc can work on any D3, but this costs considerably more.

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47 minutes ago, matgriff said:

Not meaning to cause any offense here, but this is not correct information for a Discovery 3

No offence taken, I previously said I was unfamiliar with disco3. I know it works on other Land Rover models and thought it may be universal. 

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The saga continues!!! So I had a leak on a pipe from the compressor!!! However!! With that sorted they noticed a squeal from the front end!! Crossover pipe leaking from somewhere!!! Apparently it’s not safe to drive !!! Bloody landrover


i cannot see why this wood be a major issue! But it’s a pig of a job where ether gear box out or shell off just to gain access! 

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Not sure why you were told it's not safe to drive ?

The pipe can be replaced without removing the body or the gearbox, but it's a tricky job. There is an excellent write up and plenty of info on the Disco3 forum.


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