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Thy have started on the rape.

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Was out this morning, farmer saying they were starting to hit the rape, set up by 8 o’clock , magnet and decoys but afraid to say still nothing really moving here ,  handfull of shots few flighting over but no numbers at all 

 you can see where they have been picking just have to keep an eye open might be the start of it , I hope anyway , havnt seen the usual numbers at all 

still was a lovely morning to be out 

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Yesterday (Friday) i was out again, sat watching pigeon and crow having their breakfast on OSR at 0815. I'm not allowed to go bang till 0830 so walked them off and sat waiting, no hide no decoys. 0825 they're back, 0831 shot a crow coming in, missed a second. All gone, day over, now they're sat on the barn roof where I can't shoot. Spent a couple more hours in recce and a short walked up shoot. Zero. Crows on the organic farm two fields over🤣 apparently they don't belive in shooting them. Pigeon in sitty trees but taking flight if you come within a 1/4 mile. 

Today dawns, sat waiting for my son to pick me up. 5 mins late already, little sleepy head.

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no rape for me this year,  none of the farms i shoot are  growing it bad year last year.one time they are there one bang and gone, never to come back i dont  miss it, now i dont have to chase pigeons all day,spend more time in the woods now,

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