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How many Grey Squirrels killed in 2021

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6 hours ago, Walker570 said:

OOOPPPPS!!!!!!!!! How did I o that. Thanks for spotting....now to set it right

amateur picked me up making a gross mistake, never did get O levels in maths,

score is          2244

Just like you spent some of your working life nicking wrong'uns, I spent some of mine spotting anomalous numbers.

Sometimes they just leap out at me 😁


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17 minutes ago, Walker570 said:

Errrrrrrrr?????????????????    I shot another today ....errrr  ???????

now 5 plus 1 is 6 so I am just guessing....errrr ??????  I think???????  that makes...


You are getting better 🤣

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On 12/09/2021 at 23:53, Longbower said:

4 of the six shot today , 2 not recovered in thick brambles . They were dead I could see them all snagged up . 



Mate got these at the other end of the woods . 


Mate got these at the other end of the woods . 


1 today, old lactating sow.


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