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On 03/01/2021 at 15:37, Ultrastu said:

So i managed to do a comparison between  sub 12 and fac on these slugs .

Expansion test into my bacon test medium .this time there were 4 packs of bacon back to back .giving 100 mm of meat .with the soft pellet catcher behind . Guns used 

Sub 12 bsa ultra .600 fps at the muzzle  

Fac scorpion  800 fps at the muzzle  

Point blank  .

The 600 fps slug penetrated all 100mm of bacon and was caught  very gentally by the rags .the 800 fps slug penetrated to a depth of 70 mm and was found between the layers of bacon .

Expansion was huge on the fast slug measuring 8mm  and almost nil on the 600 fps slug  

This brings real world proof to the idea of projectile shape governing penetration depth not necessarily velocity..





I refer you to my pictures above bruno .

Here is your answer .

the faster they go the less penetration  .

The expansion of that slug is seriously impressive,  that's going to make a mess when it hits a squirrel.

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I like experimenting and trying different ammo, its an interesting part of shooting for me. so I've just ordered 100 slugs to put through my 12ftlb s410f. the weight and lower speed will be offset a bit by the high b.c. I'm hoping for better resistance to side winds. I did see a video ages ago where jsb were at a show and mentioned slugs made of tin. A 4.5mm slug around 9 or 10 grains would be very interesting for 12ftlb guns

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16 hours ago, Ultrastu said:

Is that 13 and 16 grn 

Or 13 to 16 grn ?

Test ones at the moment are 13 and 16 gr  , but H&N haven’t finalised which ones are coming out yet 

H&N also have come out with 18 gr pellet .22

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11 hours ago, Ultrastu said:

would prefer a 10 or 11 grn slug .and yes this is for fac .

Have you tried running JSB heavies or crossman magnums at the speeds you were doing the tests at? There the weight you want between 10-11 grn,  obviously not slugs though.

I thought I'd missed a squirrel yesterday because of the impact on the feeder but the heavy just went straight through, not sure how stable they would be though at high speed, it might give a good comparison though?

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Yeah I've tried them they are ok .but don't suit my barrel as well as the standard 8.44 s .

I'm also trying  to get away form heavy pellets that just pass right  through quarry .hence why I dont shoot heavy pellets in any of my guns .(for calibre ) 

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