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On 05/01/2021 at 15:01, scouser said:

I take it you don,t live in a terraced house?

Course he doesn't ! there for the common working class people.  And they shouldn't be allowed motor vehicles anyway.

Although racist remarks are filtered Snobbery of course is not.  

You should drive to the road conditions,  parked cars or not if you lost control of your motor vehicle then your responsible. 

Regarding insurance  it is a iffy thing to prove .

Yes its normally parked off road Mr Churchill but on that occasion I parked on the road to unload some shopping.



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On 05/01/2021 at 16:45, Walker570 said:

AND on the wrong side of the road at night time with no lights..  Would have had a ticket in my time and on the pavement.

Parking is not a police matter any more, not in London anyway.

But this raises a bigger question about electric cars. Soon we are going to see wires trailing across pavements etc 

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4 minutes ago, Walker570 said:

Unecessary obstruction ?


True, but usual guidance you'll find is - try and contact the owner?! and politely ask them to move it...  If it's blocking emergency access it can be dealt with (usually by the council and a tow truck and not the police) and you'll probably be waiting hours on 101, also if it's just been dumped but you could manage to drive through it's definitely a council matter. Can't say this might be the case in city's, I don't go there or worked there

Lots of parking issues used to **** me off but the reality is, when the councils took over the parking issues, after about 6pm it's a free for all, and the police don't get involved 

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