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Hi all, I have just bought a second hand M2, I have ordered a teague choke which has arrived problem is that it doesn't thread in all the way! The thread on the gun is right at the end of the barrel and doesn't let the shank of the choke in, it should only leave the chequered extension piece out shouldnt it? I have measured it and the inner end of the choke does reach the stop in the barrel, is there only one type of choke for the m2? Any help appreciated



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If it’s up tight against the rebate inside the barrel, and there is no lip or ridge, then it’s good to go as far as I’m aware. 
Have just had a look at my M1. It is fitted with Briley Spectrum extended chokes, and when fastened up tight there is about a gap of about between 1 to 2mm between the muzzle and the knurled part of the choke. 

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It's Optima choked, my Supersport uses the same chokes. Only thing to watch for is Optima bored Beretta barrels are back bored/overbored, the Benelli is not and uses the nominal bore measurements.

This makes a Beretta choke not the same in a Benelli, use 1/2 Beretta choke is near 1/4 choke in a Benelli. Worth checking your M2 proof measurement on the barrel before ordering chokes.

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