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Magnetospeed chronograph v3


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I agree it’s expensive and I will more than prob never use it again, but I have several rifles that I reload and it will stop a lot of guess work, according to the load data for my .222 I’m at max load with 40grain vmax bullets with the speed should be around 3500 ft/s with a 4.9” drop between 100 yards and 200 yards (according to the speed in the reloading book and strelok app) but it’s more of a drop! iIt would be nice to pick each rifle I have up and know the drop, and eventually want to work out to a 1000yards with my .223 with 69grain Sierra bullets. Not saying the link you’ve posted is not no good but I have seen and used the said £400 one in the past. But unfortunately can’t find anyone with one in stock. But appreciate the link thanks andrew 👍

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