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It's my wife's 70th birthday today.

I would usually have taken her out for lunch, but this year was a do-it-yourself job.

I found some muntjac saddle from Cole and Abel and followed their garlic butter and thyme recipe, which I teamed with a sauce forestière, roasties and mixed veg, followed by a home-made gluten and dairy free fresh strawberry flan, using ground almonds and soya based créme patissière.

Photo below.

The muntjac was scoffed before I could photo it.

The muntjac was a revelation - probably the best venison that we have ever had.

Hopefully I have scored enough brownie points for this week!


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Not surprised the muntie came good. It is without doubt one of the best venisons there is and I have tried a few variations over the years.  Just gave a back strap to a chap that helps out here occasionally and butterflied it so he could just stuff it as I described and wrap in smoked streaky baon and roast.   He couldn't stop talking about it.


Yours sounded delicious

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Had a haunch roasted last weekend. Have to say roe is good but my wife says the muntjac is sweeter and prefers it.

But saying that best game recently I had is wild boar. Not lasted very long in our house though

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Muntjac is the tastiest deer in my opinion. Often have a friend plug 1 or 2 for me for the freezer. Tend to make long and slow stews with it but have also bbq'd steaks and things.  Last time I sorted one my 4 year old daughter  was fascinated and looked forward to the "bambi pie" we made. 

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Chinese water deer is close. I find it had a buttery taste but find munti take to Indian flavours far too well. So much so in fact before I squeeze the trigger I'm thinking about the massals I'll use to cook it

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