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Saw a write up about these the other day on Facebook. Apparently they've got good low speed expansion at extended ranges and good overall performance. Instead of mushrooming they have petals that open, people were worried about petals snapping off and either getting lost in meat or rupturing the stomach and other juicy bits. Cant say any more than that although I think they're relatively pricey but I think that's a non lead thing at the minute anyway.

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14 hours ago, Sako7mm said:

I don't like the extra wound channels caused by the petals separating from the shank of the bullet on expansion.

I'd try the 130 grain Fox bullets if non-lead is a must for you. 

I have now shot a fair number of seriously large animals (wild boar) with the TTSX out of a 375JDJ and also a 8x47JRS,  and on one or two occasions actually recovered the bullet and have never seen one of the 'petals' tear off.  The TSX I use in my 22 Bench Rest for foxing and an occasional roe and Muntie and again never seen any extraordinary damage.  I probably have sufficient bullets of other makes for my other calibres but if I need renewals then I will be using Barnes.

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