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Pigeons wanted, breasted or in feather but not frozen (unless breasted) NG16

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Hi all, Happy New Year!!.

Been a long time since I have been on here as I gave up my certs due to poor health (knees etc) and lack of shooting time.

Glad to see many of the regulars are still here 😊 site looks a bit different though.

Anyway, may not be shooting anymore, but have realised that my diet is sorely missing pigeon!!

If anyone has any fresh shot or breasted as above they don't need please let me know.

Happy to pay going rate.

Please PM me if you can help as I may not check back that often.

Based in Langley Mill, Derbyshire





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5 hours ago, Ian willetts said:

If you we’re nearer I would have dropped you some off no problem 

Thanks Ian, would be willing to travel a reasonable distance to collect but not sure how that works under the current rules.



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