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Any suggestions & ideas welcome

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Looking for any input off people who may of done this , an adjustable comb riser for a rifle! Firstly it's a sako75 walnut stock , reason cheek weld using n.v , dont want to go down the foam/kydex route . I've scoured youtube/threads etc but welcome any input , to get it done professionally about £400 , and dont want to buy another grs, then pillar and bed it again, got 2 already, got a few ideas , can make the necessary metal work myself, thinking of brass which I have , I've just cut up an old airgun stock in beech and banged a couple of pieces of stud in to give a visual , internal metal work be a lot more refined, so any ideas welcome, be a project over the next month or so. 




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Done at least three myself. I used the Graco mechanics - cost from £25-40 on PW or Ebay.  These give sideways movement as well as up and down. When the cheek piece was cut out - on one or two - it removed more wood than I really wanted to and exposed the bolt hole through the stock. These were over and unders, which have less wood to play with than a rifle. On one, it left little wood to mount the mechanism in. I resolved that by pushing a section of brush handle down the bolt hole and re-drilling it for the stock bolt.

You appear to have mastered the cutting out - the most nerve wracking part of the job. I used a Rotozip - similar to a Dremel - to countersink the mechanism. Also be careful when drilling the holes in the comb piece. On one, I actually pierced the surface on the top. Not a problem, as it was very small - filled in easily with superglue and sawdust - and I was re-finishing the stock anyway.

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Cheers Gordon, was toying with a fine blade on the bandsaw, probably be a cleaner cut , but with the fret, feel more in control ! Was thinking of two supporting pins in brass & two bosses let into the stock , with side grub screws to lock the height also in brass, think I can pull it off , got the lathe & tools , there probably will be a gap on the cut line either try a bit of veneer or got a brand new tub of devcon , bed the bosses into stock and why not use a thin layer of devcon between the stock & comb ? Make a flush fit & thin grey line wouldn't be amiss ! Just ideas at the minute, sort the brass out first and play on the lathe...

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