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I saw this hen take a hit from the vehicle in front last weekend and, well, waste not want not. I was struck by how different she was, a lot darker beautiful bronze to the more usual beuge/taupe colour I see so I guess she is a different breed. Is anyone able to give an idea as to which? She is currently hanging in my shed now, waiting to be prepped this weekend.


This one didn't upload. 


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They really are beautiful in their own right.  Pheasants have become so cross bred now that difficult to say it is specific. They still all taste the same though.

Probably a melanistic cross.    I had four feeding about 4 yards infront of my blind last week and they suddenly froze and the camo was amazing. Only when they moved could I see them against the leaves and debris on the woodland floor.

Friend just told me he had pheasant for supper. Roasted after wrapping in palma ham and stuffed with apricots.  Awesome

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