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I’ve owned a 3D printer for some time now and printed various stuff.

Not much relevant to shooting, though 🤔 (Unless you regard Star Wars blasters as ‘shooting’ related 😂)

Anybody printed interesting shooting items? I quite fancy printing a collection of shotgun or rifle ammo for size comparison.

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I've designed a printed some mag holders for my air rifles, bipod hamster, air tank whip holder, semi-auto shotgun flags and a few other items. Was going to do magazines but the time to design and print/prototype is more than the cost of buying.

I tried printing dummy rounds for practising PSG loading but the layers were weak around the cartridge rim.

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3 minutes ago, udderlyoffroad said:

Somewhat off-topic, but what are you lot using to draw the parts you subsequently print?

I've been using Sketchup for years for most of my designs. I've tried a lot of other tools but keep going back to it. Fusion 360 is very good though and I know a lot of people have great success with it. It can depend a lot on your thought process. I prefer straight lines, adding sections and planes as I go. Others prefer extrusions and boolean processes to get the shape they want

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Must admit i’ve mostly printed the files that others have designed. I’ve only designed a couple of very simple objects (on Fusion 360) but I need to knuckle-down and do some learning on the subject.

These were the parts I made for a Chewbacca bandolier...



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If you want a money making project..............The lee load all can be had in various gauges with a conversion kit. This is essentially a plastic replacement in the chosen gauge, i.e. 12,20, etc. Lee doesn't do a 410 conversion for some strange reason. Whilst a bit basic, the dies make a far better job of crimping than the Mec, and so identical modelling, but scaled to the 410 would be a cracking project!


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