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Shot a brace of mallard last Saturday on my daily exercise. First thing errant teenager says when I got back was "are we having duck pancakes tomorrow night then?". So we did. The little mallard wasn't fatty enough really but he tried his best for me and was bloody tasty. Made my own plum sauce and pancakes too. I was going to go for a look this evening again but the littlest boss was in a bad mood which was angering the big boss and if I'd gone put it might have ended in Chinese crispy toddler 😂




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Looks lovely, I've never tried plum sauce with duck, any time I've duck with a sauce it was an orange sauce on the side or in the case of Chinese style there was some black bean sauce.

I'm also jealous, I haven't had a single duck this season.

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@Smokersmiththe duck was liberally covered with Chinese 5 spice and salt and cooked at about 180 for a couple of hours. 

The pancakes were flour and hot water mixed together and kneaded until they formed a shiny ball then chopped into 18 or 19 small balls and rolled paper thin and fried quickly in a frying pan.

And the plum sauce was a Jamie Oliver recipe I think.

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5 hours ago, Smokersmith said:

Thanks!! The duck was how I imagined but wouldn’t have had a clue on the pancakes!!


Thats pretty much what I did. The plum sauce was slightly different because I was short a few ingredients. Id probably use a smidge less sugar next time.

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