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Protecting the Hedera Helix crop.

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We have had rain and strong winds today, perfect for a spot of roost shooting. Luckily I’ve got four good woods within three miles so it was a matter of pot luck whether I chose the right one or not.

My arrival at 3:10 was probably a bit late but I had to share some champagne with my wife at her instigation whilst she watched the Presidential inauguration with some excitement. She had Trump down as a fool years ago. Being a Red Neck myself he was my choice. However back to the business in hand.

Quite a few pigeons clattered out of the wood as I arrived with both Barney and Jasper. The first one was shot within a minute and for the next hour I had great sport with good numbers coming in. The dogs had alternate retrieves and both found a missing bird right at the end. I picked ten pigeons with one unaccounted for. Most were full of Ivy berries.


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A fine way to spend an hour or so. I enjoyed the same on Sunday afternoon and like you found the shot birds full of berries with some having grain gleanings too.

Suprised to not find rape in any of them yet. The birds are in great condition though and make very good eating.

Well shot J👍

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We never got the predicted rain today, but we did get our share of strong to gale force winds , we have got a few pigeons going into the marsh carr but the direction of the wind meant they would have been going into the carr with the wind behind them and now my body don't move as fast as the wind do .

Ten was a good score , the dogs also enjoyed the sport with making the retrieves so everyone involved had a nice afternoon , Ivy berries seem the number one food attraction at the moment with rape being left alone , the few I got last week also had berries with one containing unknown green leaves and two I got yesterday afternoon had berries and grain with no sign of rape . 

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