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Torch for lamping bunnies

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15 hours ago, Scully said:

Thanks  zipdog, is that a pencil beam? I don’t really want something which lights up half of Cumbria. 🙂

You can adjust the head to have the beam as wide or tight as you like. For foxing i have it tight, for rabbits i widen it out a bit. It's a very versatile torch, fits in as well for walking the dog or a bonfire party as it does mounted on a rifle. its never going to be a good as the lightforce 170 I have but for its money and place its perfect.

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1 hour ago, udderlyoffroad said:

What did you get Scully?

Haven’t got round to it yet; have just bought two leather gun slips which have dented my shooting fund! 🙂
I will be sure to let you know when I decide. 

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On 25/01/2021 at 14:00, Scully said:

Ground is far too sodden these days for driving on, and can’t use landowners Gator while this virus is about, understandably, so am going back to my early days and considering strapping a torch to my rimfire again. 
I don’t want a lamp, I’m looking for something light, slim and powerful, capable of throwing a good light out to about 100 yds ( more would be nice but am not too fussed ) which I can strap to my CZ. 
What do you use? Cheers

Hey Scully.Hope this helps.


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