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Ham radio power supply


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Have a look on Martyn lynch,s  web site. You will only need about 30 amp the last one I bought was about £30 it as served me well for  some years now running both hf and vhf radio,s There are not as many on the airwaves as there use to be. I blame the mobile phones that have kept young people out of the hobby. They do not want to waste time doing the exams when they can just buy a phone . Such a shame. 73.s Peter

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I've got a sidebander and a 6m silver rod chucked somewhere in the back of the shed!  Used to be a right good laugh back on the old CB years ago but never got into the HAM stuff.

In my experiences you're best getting  power supply that's well over-rated for the consumption you plan on using.

What sort of range/contacts do you get with HAM?  I remember on sideband my best achievement on a good "skip" day was talking to a guy in Tallin, Estonia!

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