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When are points removed from driving license

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The points are valid for 3 years and have to stay on your licence for 4. Insurance companies normally ask if you've had any convictions in the last 5 years so it doesn't matter if the points are still on your licence or not. 

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2 hours ago, ilovemyheckler said:


I don't suppose my insurance will reduce after 5 years anyway. It just goes up when you get them!

Shop around with your insurance as I don't think you would need to disclose it after a trouble free five full years from the conviction .

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My insurance doesn't go up for one fairly standard speeding (i.e. not more than 3 points and basic fine).  I have had both (but over 10 years apart) a 30 m.p.h. one and a 70 m.p.h. one (in both cases not far over) and my insurance told me that one 'current' standard speeding doesn't alter the premium.  I have none now 😁

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13 minutes ago, mossy835 said:




Since our insurance broker packed up several years I have been getting my car insurance on line and by going by what I used to pay I have been saving myself a small fortune , to be on the right side of the law I have been disclosing my 35 mile an hour fine that was in a 30 mile limit , this was five years ago in March , I mentioned it last year as they wanted to know about convictions over the last five years , but when mine come up for renewal in Oct it will now be left blank .

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On 06/02/2021 at 16:26, steve_b_wales said:

I've got one on my paper license from 1975. Insurance companies usually ask 'within the past 5 years'.

🙂 That made me chuckle. I recently ( last January ) renewed my driving licence as I lost mine literally decades ago, and needed details from it to fill out a form. 
I went online, paid my 20 quid and in less than a week received a brand spanking new credit type card with my pic’ on it. 
Id been aware that I hadn’t been legit’ since losing it, and as these things often pan out, was looking through a diary I found from 1978 while having a clear out, and lo and behold what should be tucked up inside it! Yep, dated 1977 it had been there all these years and through four house moves! I was amused to find a conviction on it for driving without a license and insurance, for which I was fined £13.00! 

At the time it was almost my entire weeks wage! 😳

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