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Hi Folks 

The heavy rain and light winds had made roost shooting a non starter locally- however with the arrival of a strong easterly and snow showers today, I decided it was time to have a crack.

Most of my best roost woods are just a little to far to travel under current circumstances- so I opted for a nice little wood which has provided some good shooting over the years.

I put about 100 pigeons out when I arrived at about 2.45pm - which filled me with optimism. The first group arrived almost straight away, and even in the strong wind they came over surprisingly high - which made for some fantastic shooting, it’s a great feeling when you pull down a few high birds and you quickly forget all the misses.

After about 30 mins the sky darkened and the snow began to fall - I love roost shooting when it’s snowing- as the pigeons were desperate to get in and they were arriving in groups of 20+ at a time. I think the pigeons look really white from beneath with a dark sky above, with their crops bulging with OSR.

I was on the edge of the wood and as they were coming in I was dashing from side to side to get under them - until at about 4.30 when it they just stopped. So 11 in the bag and 2 that I couldn’t find in the wood (no dog as the old boy is now in full retirement) - I was using Trust 30g no 6 cartridges through full and 3/4 choking.



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8 hours ago, oldypigeonpopper said:

Hello, well done👍, never heard of Trust cartridges, ?

They are a budget cartridge manufactured in Spain. I normally use their 28g 7.5 but these were under £200 per thousand ( 18 months ago) and do the job. 

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