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21 minutes ago, JDog said:

But are you aware that the arms extend?

Your rotary might well be the same as mine , as well as the arms extending the base have got square rod inserted in the hollow length of metal to raise it up if needed on tall crops and a screw under the small square rods that the arms marry into , the screws can raise or lower the arms again if needed and can also be used if you want the arms to go round at two different levels , although by now everything you can try with a rotary have already been tried many times over and over again , or have they ?:hmm:


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43 minutes ago, captainhastings said:

Ah ok so just point it the other way then. I guess I would have sussed that me birds started going around backwards lol

actually it was a tongue in cheek comment, you can have most magnets going anyway you please, but it does depend on which part of the UK you are in, here in the West Midlands its always clockwise. ;)

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