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Ford Kuga or Jaguar F Pace?

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The current mrs ilovemyheckler wants to buy a new car and has narrowed it down to a Ford Kuga ST line x or Jaguar F Pace

I don't know anything about either really so I thought I would ask.

She is adamant that she wants a 4 wheel drive even though neither will go off road.

She won't consider electric or hybrid either and she only does about 8,000 miles a year.

My opinion is a complete waste of money and unsuitable choices but I am not going to say that even though I wear thr trousers in her house!

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Mine is the same shoped around and brought her a Hyundai n line all.the toys and half the price but tbh it's a great car sporty comfortable no regrets and half the price of jag and ford 

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I bought a Kuga over 4 years through basc scheme and can’t fault it, had no problems to date. Only went for the 1.5tdci engines titanium model and for the size of engine goes well is come and good on a long run

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I looked at the jag and was very disappointed.

I initially liked the looks so test drove a 6 month old one.

I can't remember the spec/level of trim but it was rubbish. 

At £30 something k I'd expect a lot less plastic and a lot more toys.

I hated the big gap behind the front grille where a decent sized engine should live. It had manual seats (manual seats in a £35k motor!?!?) The interior was tacky and plastic and it was woefully under powered (I drove my porsche to the showroom).

Worst for me was the driving position as it was just cramped and my knee was hitting the centre console and visibility was awful but by that point I wasn't buying it anyway.

Tell her to get one, she'll probably love it!





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I’ve had an all wheel drive Ford kuga 2.0 tdci titanium since 2014, it’s been up and down the country, green lanes, farm tracks, through floods and to lake Garda in Italy and back and I can honestly say it’s one of the best cars I’ve ever owned. Very reliable and cheap to service/ repair if required (even at Ford main dealer) it’s had Pirelli scorpion verde all weather tyres on it since the day after I bought it and I’ve never been stuck anywhere in any weather. Would highly recommend.

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15 hours ago, ilovemyheckler said:

Its not my money, its the current mrs ilovemyheckler's

Funny thing is I am not sure she even knows what 4 wheel drive is!

We will be buying it using the BASC scheme so a decent discount is available

I would not restrict yourself to the BASC discount gimmick, if you walk into any dealer today regardless of what make they sell YOU can get a big discount, new car sales are at a historic low 👍

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We've had numerous Kuga's over the years as I was on a work 2 car Ford only lease scheme for nearly ten years. My mum bought a 2014 top of the range Kuga after we were done with the lease - hers has still only done 18k. Great cars for where they sit in the segment.

When I changed jobs we looked at the F-Pace, Velar, Q5, X3 and Merc. We went with the X3 and have just changed out into a new X3 (petrol from diesel).

As already said, can't really compare Kuga vs. F-Pace. If you can afford / justify the F-Pace additional expense then it's in a different league to the Kuga but the law of diminishing returns definitely prevails. The chassis and handling on the F-Pace, as with all modern jags, is exceptional.

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The Kuga is a pumped up Focus and over a 3 or 4 year lease term it would likely cost less to own than the F-Pace, but ultimately it's a matter of personal taste. Like the Focus, Kugas have a reputation for suspension problems at higher mileages, but at 8K per year it's not really a concern here.

I tend to put more emphasis on the interior than the exterior and to me the Jag is a much nicer place to spend driving time.   No denying either that the F-Pace is a good few rungs up the image ladder - if that matters to the Missus. I only know one F-Pace owner and he's a very happy bunny.

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