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Thinking of building a camper....

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Did not build a motorised one but did build a 'shepherds hut' type which we kept on site on our stalking lease.   It was built on a trailer frame and slept three comfortably with a porch and cooker/grill kitchen unit.  The only thing I can think of is CONDENSATION.  I built a curved roof and because I was pre warned I put plenty of insulation  in the roof and also a good extractor fan in the kitchen area and never had a problem.  I think your refrigerated unit may sort this no problem.    A facility for a porch...pull out fabric  or a lift up lid type is also a good idea. It kept mucky boots and wet clothes out of ours and was a useful place for the gas bottle.

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I envy you the task ahead. When my sons raced AMCA Experts Motocross, I kitted out 5 vans and a few four wheel trailers. It's nice to start with a blank canvas. Our current box trailer is basic, with only storage and seats, but previous transports have had showers, cookers, TV etc. 

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All being well this van is being picked up this morning so can start to plan properly soon.

 As it's fully insulated I think all the services will be hidden by furniture.

Double bed at the back over some storage. Shower in front of that. Folding bed on passenger side and one run of units on drivers side to contain the sink and hob. Pretty basic.

Liesure battery and split charger.

Smev (9222?) Sink and hob.

Not figured out water storage or pump yet. Still have to sort some windows and vents as well as deciding if/how to remove the bulkhead.

If I do that then captains seat?


Roof rack and back door ladder?

Off road tyres?

Soooo many things that could be done.



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Spanner in the works....van has arrived and it's all good except the amount of insulation reduces the headroom to the point that it's just not comfortable for me.

So now the decision is do I strip it and still build a camper or do I start from scratch with another van that I already have?

Nothing is ever simple.



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