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Saw something wonderful today

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Arrived on my perm for 0830 this morning, frozen ground so straight to hide and unloaded. Lofted some crow, put out a small crow pattern and a larger pigeon pattern. Wind from left to right and bitter.

Crows coming in from the off and some screamingly fast pigeon but from behind me.

Saw a heron on its usual flight path and a buzzard up high.

Then from behind silently gliding into the pattern a buzzard of about 3 foot wing span. Must have realised they were decoys at last second and landed in the tree to my side. Sat watching my son and myself then circled round and came back to same place. 

I dropped a crow and it fell dead into the pattern, the buzzard just turned to look at it then back to watching us. It obviously wasn't bothered about the noise from shooting. My son dropped a long crossing crow and it fell at the edge of the pattern flapping one wing.

Buzzard glided down, talons out, landed on it, two flaps of its wings and carried it to about 20 feet from us and made a meal of it. Tearing it apart and eating it, completely fearless of us sat there. 

I stood up to watch and it just looked up then carried on eating. My son picked up his phone to take a picture and it took to the sky with the crow, not to be seen again.

By then it was just turned 1030 and quite a few walkers/runners/lycra clad wufters were about so we packed up. Frozen to the bone.

Pain in my joints is awful now, sat with a heat pad on my back and upped my morphine dose for today🤪

Two hours fresh air and 4 crows 2 pigeon shot. 12 shots.

Unfortunately the only picture I managed just shows a brown bird sat in a tree.



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Brilliant !!

They are very canny birds.  I have a pair in my wood and I am certain they know when I go down and get into one of my shooting cabins because one of them will glide in and sit in one of the trees about 20yrds away.  I did shoot one squirrel about four weks ago and I had not seen the buzzard arrive but this brown shape appeared gliding down and within seconds it was away with the squirrel hanging from it's talons.   Love  'em or hate 'em you have to admire their intelligence.

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