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People of Scotland

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2 hours ago, button said:

Morals of a skunk would be a step up from what we have now!

I have to say I am not very familiar with the morals of a Skunk, but I do know they smell pretty rotten!

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Look I started this as a bit of light hearted banter I love Scotland and can't wait to be back there the first time I went to Scotland I couldn't believe what I was seeing it is so beautiful , as people in the shooting community we need to be as one 

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I have been on holiday to Scotland three times and will be going back as soon the lockdown eases. I have had probably thirty nights out in Edinburgh and Glasgow, when on business. I have about a dozen friends up there and met many, many more. I have never felt unwelcome and the Scots have always been good company. I have spoken to a number about Krankie and have yet to speak to anyone with a good word for her. 

Despite some saying "If they want to go, let them" or "Let's get rid", I would be genuinely bothered if they decided to go their own way. The UK is stronger with the Scots.

At some point - hopefully soon - we will be rid of Krankie and can move on.

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