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Bigger pad and having it ground to fit unless it is a Beretta then they often fit straight out of the box.

It sounds like the stock has been cut down quite considerably and may need to be made up with wood or ebonite.

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13 minutes ago, NorfolkAYA said:

Okay mate thankyou. I see kick eez do a 30mm pad 

From experience, try to get some idea of dimensions before you jump in?

Not easy to get a fit you will be happy with, the tapers and materials can be a ***. to cut and shape.

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I had one (my Darne) extended in wood with about 1 inch extension.  It had been severely shortened at some time.  One side is very well matched and not 'obvious' at all, but the other side is a bit more noticeable.  I don't myself like softish rubber pads, although the Silvers and better still, leather covered Silvers are not so bad.  Remember the balance will change ...

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17 hours ago, NorfolkAYA said:

Hi all,

Found a gun i really like, however the stock is 13 1/2", how easy is it to extended this to 14 3/4". Is it just a case of putting a bigger pad on? 


Cheers pete 

So I take it the gun is a single shot folding 410 .Or is it a 8 bore flintlock ?????


Sorry but if you do not give information as to the kind of gun , make ,perhaps even model then how can any one give ou a sensible answer??

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