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Squirrel feeders ?

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2 hours ago, Walker570 said:

No problem, scroll down to Other types of shooting... Other pest control:good: and you will find on there a list of vermin which we keep a log of.  Log your squirrels then add to the total. 

Keep whacking and stacking.

Reminded me I hadn't done it in ages . Added 51 since Jan 1st ! 

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Two of mine half empty in seven days so looks like we have customers again. PLUS two of my friends sitting for fox/muntie last evening saw tree rats runing around below their seats which are very close to my feeders. In fact one was running round and round my hide.  A little visit this afternoon I think.  Nice warm two weeks ahead forecast and little rain which will be most welcome as things do need to dry out.

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Just recently I have only been shooting the feeders when I see feeding activity. Like today, I visited two which had been a bit slow but they both had been hit hard in the last five days so tomorow morning I will hit one and Wednesday the other.  Then probably give them a rest and move to the others.  Sort of a rough rotation system.

This week they do seem to be looking for food.  The four I shot this afternoon did not hesitate straight to the food no messing.  This feeder had been hit and was half empty . I only went to that spot because a couple of stalking friends reported activity when they climbed into their high seats.  Paid off.

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