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I have been reading loads on fireforming brass and the quality of the Hornady brass. 

It has been suggested that if I use SIMPLEX MASTER FORMING DIE .17 Ackley Hornet from .22 Hornet Cases and reduce the length and the FL size in H Hornet it should work. 

has anyone done this before I get a die sent to me? 

mant thanks



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It's been a few years since I've fired my 17 hornet due to loss of land and the details are a bit vague now but I remember the process of fireforming from 22 hornet was quite easy but thinking about it now makes me think about the bottom line and is it worth it. I don't think I ever tossed a case because it was worn out. They take so little powder that they go on and on so I wonder how the costs balance out between buying factory and re-using the cases against the cost and faff of fireforming? 

Incidentally, I used to reload for around 18p. Part of that was buying the pills from Henry Krank. You have to look for them on the website, just search for 17 bullets. The cost back then was around £5/100.

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