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I am currently using them and have had a form back from my GP to authorise the surgery to send MedCert the required information on my behalf.  They seemed to get in touch with my GP pretty quickly after I engaged them, so am ever hopeful of a speedy response. Kent Police have extended my certificate by 8 weeks due to Covid. My FEO who is very helpful said that the extension also gives cert holders time to get the medical record requirements sorted.


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11 hours ago, captainhastings said:

What is benefit of MedCert over going direct ? Price and hassle ?

Some GPs are refusing to do it, others are charging extortionate amounts, some are doing it for a reasonable fee, some are doing it for free.

It's a lottery, but Medcert is a fixed fee of £50 I think, so if you have one of the first 2 types of GP, medcert or similar is the answer.

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I'm currently using Medcert after my doctor refused to sign the forms.

Have to say, very impressed with the service provided so far, though still in the process. 

Its £60 but think there are reduced rates for members of some organisations?

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