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Perks of the job?

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My job doesn't have many perks other that the best bosses you could wish for, good pay, spending most of the time out in the country side meeting and chatting with farmers. But today I was given a steak as way of a thank you, about an inch and a half thick  and must have weighed a pound and a half, the sort of steak you have to roll you're sleeves up for! I have managed to resist having it and will wait till the weekend when I'm not on call so can have it and a couple of beers!

What sort of perks if any does you're job have? 

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Meeting and getting to know some very nice and interesting people.
Starting and finishing when I want, having a day off when I want. 
Have gained permissions from doing the work I do. 
I sometimes run workshops and  a bonus is that I often sell work as a result, and have often gained other work from those.

It has on many an occasion, worked in reverse, as I have been asked to do work for people I have got to know through beating and shooting.

I have been given very expensive wines on completion of work, and all manner of things. 

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My lads are currently in the workshop making their own things tonight. They have a key and I trust them 110% . The only rules is stay together and don’t work alone . They can use anything they like as long as they tell me if we run out. 


My perks . I’ve met a lot of great people including on here because of my job. I work on my house for nothing. I gained my best deer stalking permission by hanging his door 😁

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5 minutes ago, oowee said:

A night with Elton John and sharing body fluids with Nicole Kidman. Dinner with Tony Benn, John Prescott. Retiring at 51. 😇

A night with Elton John and dinner with Tony benn  and John prescott wouldn't be perks in my book!

Swapping any thing  with Nicole Kidman I think is most defiantly a perk! 🤪😍

It seems like so far for most of us the best perk of the job is the job we do.

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6 minutes ago, bluesj said:

A night with Elton John and dinner with Tony benn  and John prescott wouldn't be perks in my book!

It could be worse, it could be swapping bodily fluids with John Prescott!

For my job, - rent free cottage, flexible hours, final salary pension, private healthcare, located in a lovely part of the country. 

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5 hours ago, WalkedUp said:

The main perks of my job are long hours and low pay 🤣

You must work in Public Service? 

I’ve a new job spent the last 9 months doing out of hours emergency Social Work. 

Perk is after working 4pm - 9am the next morning I genuine can go to bed knowing I kept people have a mental health breakdown or children at serious risk safe overnight until everyone is back in the office and things are back to normal. 

Been a real eye opener the last 9 months, some of the calls you get are mind blowing but thoroughly enjoying the learning and challenge so far. 


Wish my job gave me more access to deer stalking or other game shootint though 🤣

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Free house inc. bills

Free vehicle inc. bills

Free tweeds, waterproofs, dog food, bullets, cartridges, boots and mobile phone.

Good private pension and wage.

16 thousand acres to shoot over everyday. 

Earnt through grafting my **** off as a teenager when all my mates were out on the lash!



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