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What can be achieved with 19 grams.

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The young man in the video look a very experience shot and to be honest I couldn't find much wrong with his gun handling , his shooting was first class and his dog was well behaved in the hide , I wonder how many on the forum would like to shoot as well with a 4.10 using 19gms of shot :hmm:

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Great shooting, plenty of birds to go at, I had a single shot hush .410 which I used the magnum cartridges through, it was light and easy to use, very accurate but so restrictive having only one shot so I sold it , the pump looks good, but I think I will stick to my 12 bore, bit more range and knock down power, just need a few more birds .

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A class act! If only every pigeon shooter could emulate this talented lad. The boredom of social isolation has led me into the depths of that video site; Watching numerous pigeon shooting vids which display the other end of the scale where the shooters seem happy to end the day having recorded the  maiming of  more birds than they record killed. We all miss  but one shooter maimed birds & moved on to do the same on another bird with his second barrel.

  Mr .Bradley-Day has restored a bit of yang to even up my damaged video ying.

 Thanks for posting as hadn't discovered this one.

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