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Double cab recommendations

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Hi, I currently run an old Frontera as a shooting/off-road vehicle: crossing fields to fell trees, boat launching, towing etc.

I might start looking for an old doublecab pickup to replace it as it's not got many MOTs left in it.

What thoughts do you have on a 10-15 year old doublecab?

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3 hours ago, ninjaferret said:

Land rover

A LR 90 will do the job. I have a 1989 model and it still does the job in spades.  Like a big Meccano set and you can get all the bits no problem.  They are increasing in second hand price.  Stick a good set of tyres on it and it will go anywhere you wish to go. and pull a couple of tons no problem.  Also very easy to move about in small places. The 110 model is almost as bad as these Jap trucks in a small space.

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Buy with care would be my advice. At that age tin worm will be trying to get most so buy on condition.  Whatever you get will be fairly elderly,  Navaras of that age are a minefield,  l200’s are better but you still have to watch for engine issues.  Hilux if it’s in good nick will be a fair amount of money as the top gear reputation has everyone thinking they go on forever

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buy on condition and you should be fine with any of the major brands really but i would steer clear of the Nissan due to the chassis snapping problem. There are plenty of examples knocking about of all types. Personally I have always liked the Rangers, its worth going for the newer shape with the 2.2 or 3.2 engine rather than the older 2.5 or 3.0, the 2.2 for most people is up to the job if your not doing lots of heavy towing. 

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