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22lr moderator.


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Can anyone verify the make and model of this moderator? 

Im looking into buying my first 22lr and have seen a cz452 that i quite like the look of.  

The shop selling the rifle can't confirm what moderator is on the gun as it has no details on it. 

I would like the rifle to be as quiet as possible due to the permission it is going to be shot on.

Would it be worth buying a gun on its own and then buying a decent moderator separately? And is there much of a noise reduction between a £30 moderator and a £150 moderator or is it dependent on the ammunition used? 

Any help would me very much appreciated. 



Screenshot_20210226-200427_Samsung Internet.jpg

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Difficult to say from the photo/screen shot

Possibly a more modern incarnation of the classic Parker-Hale MM2, but in lightweight aluminium - as it looks to have a painted/powder coated finish from the image as opposed to the blued finish on the original steel mod.

You can pay as much as you want to for a mod.
I've always found that the P-H basic models get the job done, never had any rabbit complain about the noise yet!

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I use A-TEC Carbon Wave sound moderators on my .22 fac air rifle and my three .22rf rifles and with a variety of ammunition in the .22rf's.

They are very effective, however, I dont think they are much better than the trusty Parker Hale moderators that I " upgraded " from.

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So your second question. 

I have several 22 moderators that have been tested over the years from a Wildcat Whisper (expensive) to a Parket Hale and Helstone mods (cheap)

of the 15 types is tried I can’t tell any real world difference after 20 yards from the rifle.  

The moderator on there will do you fine with no issue. 

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