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RIP Andrew (Victorismyhero)

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It just doesnt seem real that my Andrew is gone. He was only 66.

After a couple of weeks of Andrew feeling off colour he was adviced to go to A&E as he had developed jaundice on January 10th. I dropped him off at the door and waited in the hospital carpark in the car. He rang to say to go home as he would have to wait for blood test results. Then he rang to say he was being admitted because he had some liver damage without a known cause.
Nobody is allowed to visit because of covid. I spoke to him every day on the phone. It was a while before they found out it was Hepatitus E . Its rare here, more common on the continent. Most people dont know they've had it or recover completely. Its caught from contaminated water or undercooked pork. We still dont know where he caught it from as we dont go abroad and pork gets thoroughly cooked.
He initially seemed to respond to the treatment. Only the immediate family knew he was in as we expected him to be out soon. Then the hospital diagnosed he had a compromised immune system which we didnt know he had. That came from him being diabetic and some develope it in later years. We thought it was a bit of a ****** as he wouldnt be able to have the covid vaccine and we would have to be even more careful from now on with washing things and wearing masks.
He then rang to tell me he had a reversal on his liver improvement and they were trying some new treatment.
The hospital rang on Monday 1st February to say as he was in a room on his own I could visit. I knew then it wasnt good as I hadn't been allowed in before due to covid.
He had fluid build up in his tissues. They changed the medication and put a drain in to ease the pressure and had Andrew on oxygen. He improved for a short while, then his lungs started filling with fluid and his other organs were failing. They gave him more medication to dry the fluid in his lungs and to keep him comfortable. We discussed with the consultant about ICU, but they explained he wouldnt have got any benefit from it and that would have excluded me from being with him.
He fought so hard to stay with me and we were able to talk a bit until the last hour. He passed away at 3am on 2nd February

The staff were briiliant bringing me coffees and letting me use the staff toilet there instead of having to trek to the public use one. A lot of the nurses were in tears too. A few hours later when I felt able to go home one of them walked me to the car with his belongings. I still cant believe he has gone.
He was so full of life and we had so many plans for the wood once lockdown had lifted.

I would like to say a big thankyou to Mel and Lin who have been really supportive.

Yvonne to Andrew

We met at school,

You were my first love;

I was only fifteen,

You were sixteen.


You liked my smile,

You told me so,

We road our bikes

Around the country lanes.


We walked our dogs

Along the woodland paths,

You went to college,

I was still at school.


I walked the streets

To the red box telephone,

You weren’t waiting for my call,

You missed a date or two.


I was young,

I was mad at you,

You didn’t know how to say sorry,

I didn’t know to forgive.


We parted our ways,

We married other people,

It ended in sorrow for me,

It ended in sorrow for you, too.


Twenty years along

We met up again,

It was joy from the start,

We were never apart.


We would grow old together,

Our love was timeless,

But our time was short,

We didn’t know it then.


I left you at the door

Of the local hospital,

I waited in the car,

You rang to say, ‘Go home’.


I waited to fetch you,

They kept you in,

It was 2021,

I couldn’t visit.


It wasn’t covid,

It was just as bad,

You couldn’t fight it,

Your body let you down.


They rang to say

I could be with you,

I knew it wasn’t good

If they allowed me in.


I begged you not to leave me,

We held hands as you went.

Now I must walk our dogs alone,

You are forever in my heart.

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well done on your post yvonne . its a very brave thing to do.

Andrew was a very ,  intelligent , talented ,  and ,  skilled man , but above all that , he was a good person , that helped others in life . he will be missed by many yvonne.

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Your a brave beautiful  lady to take your time to share with us , this sad time , what are we without our good friends  around  us at a time like this to try and help share your load , of your great loss. 

This is about one of the only , shooting forums I know , were people do realy care for others ,  its so hard to find the right words to say to ease  the sorrow,  

Thinking of you .

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That is quite a post which puts into perspective some of the minor irritations some of us are having during these Covid times.

I hope you are able to get through the tough times to enable you to enjoy your woodland again.

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So very sorry to hear this sad news, my thoughts and condolences are with you and your loved ones. It will have been hard to post what you've written and it is truly touching, particularly your homage poem which shows the strength of your lifetime relationship with Andrew. I hope that you are able to gain further strength from the members of this forum and their messages to you. I have no doubts that you are finding your dogs comforting at this time.

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