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CHester Cub 620 metal lathe for sale 440 volt running on 240 volt invertor.

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We are moving house around last weeks in April as far as I can guess.
I have decided to sell my Chester Cub.
Really good lathe running on invertor 440 volt but runs great.
You can not go into reverse without complete stop but that has never worried me at all.
It has DRO and has screw cutting capacity.
Solid chuck with bolt on jaws six cam locking system.
40mm bore .
Has quick change tool post with four holders.
Few drills and reamers tail stock chuck and live centre.
Turning tools HHS and some carbide.
Boring bars and selection of home made collets and holding parts.
I can not be without her until mid April as I have small order to prepare for one of my oldest customers.
99% of my turning has been with aluminium and brass and Acetal .
All my work is small not putting any strain of the machine.
This came from collage so not done hardly any work at all(bit like the brother in law but cleaner)
I have engine hoist this end so can pick up and load on trailer.
You need to bring straps and car big enough to tow 750kg load.
Please pm  me your interest and I will do whatsapp call so you can see what it looks like.
Thanks for looking and dont put your number on this thread.


So sorry forgot price £2500

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forgot price
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