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Most people install decking boards upside down. They're supposed to have the flat side facing up, with the ridged side facing down. We tend to turn them over for grip, but then we lose the ridges that allow moisture to form drips and run off. If you can. get deck boards that cater for both grip and moisture runoff. Also, make sure your fall is consistently away from your house (unless you have specific drainage). Longer spans may need some adjustment over time to ensure water doesn't pool. You can get screw adjustable legs that can help. A good impact driver and proper decking screws will speed the job up, but I still prefer pilot holes to save risk of splitting. There are also specific screws for the joists that will do a much better job than repurposed screws. Shop around and you can get massive savings, especially on the screws.


If you know your rough dimensions, find a good decking board supply and try to work it out with little waste and fewer cuts. Most boards, when we did ours, came at 4.8m, so a 2.4m deck made the most sense. You could normally get 3.6m, 4.2 and 5.2 as well. Don't forget the gap between the boards when measuring up and you should be able to keep a consistent gap (5mmish) without having to try and cut a board in half at the end.

Sorry, just noticed the last post, shows how long I took to write that :D

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10 hours ago, Jim Neal said:

Decking looks great when it's new but it's a bloody nightmare to maintain.

Completely agree .... 

If I ever meet Mr Titmarsh he's in for an ear bashing..

S.W.M.B.O watched a LOAD of his "garden make over " programmes which resulted in me hand digging out 18t of clay/soil and laying a 30' x 30' flagged patio and building a bespoke shaped decking around it ... she wanted painted mid-grey colour .... ok .... but looking at after 1 winter it's going to need a good wash to get rid of the green poop all over it . The paint £45 for 5ltr says its good for min 5 yrs but we'll see once washed down 

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yep decking is a pain its an annual pressure wash and treatment or it will rot away before your eyes.

tried all the treatment oils and the no nonsense from screwfix is as good as any.use one of them cheap vacum cleaner sprayers which makes it a an easy job .got full rail round mine so spindles would take forever.i  use the dark oak.

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I'm going to divulge a trade secret.  For anyone who's got decking, patio, paving, concrete, or whatever gets covered in algae all the time, get a bit of this stuff in your life:


I'd go in at a ratio of 1:10 for the first treatment if the build-up is bad, it won't hurt.  You can keep things maintained with weaker dilution ratios of 1:20 or 1:30 if you don't let it get too bad.

Depending on the material and how bad it is, you can literally watch the algae disappear within a couple of days after treatment in some cases.  If you need to jet-wash as well, leave it a good 4-5 days between applying the product and washing, to let it do its job.  Re-apply the product afterwards for prevention.  It really does work - but as I said, on some materials better than others, but well worth a go, try it ;)

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decking is a perfect harbour for rats too. Never had them in 2o + years, 2 new neighbours move in and both put decking up. Rats galore. fenns out and rapid 7, given me something to do in lockdown i suppose

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