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Fuse box advice please.

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I have a Volex fusebox in my out building serving one socket  and 2 switches for 2 lights. I wanted to disconnect one light and switch so switched off the main switch and both individual mcb switches- see photo.


I disconnected the unwanted spur but now I find I cannot physically switch the main (blue) switch back on. The switch is stuck. There is no reset button, what am I doing wrong or is the main switch broken? I don’t think it has been switched off for 16 years before. I haven’t tampered with the fusebox. 

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It could be complicated for you mate ( but not for a sparky ) if it's actually stuck.

If it clicks back to off when you try to turn it back on? I can talk you though it, let me know and I'll help as much as possible but your post suggests your going to need a sparky if as you say it's physically stuck

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The main power switch offers a lot of resistance, you may need to put a bit more force behind it, make sure its pushed down as far as it will go and try again.

Just had a look at ours and there is no reset or locking button.

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I am no expert-

The green indicator above the switch should that be red when off ? could it of welded the contacts together not have you been running anything consuming big amps of the plug ring ? 

certainly need investigation I recon !


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Thanks everybody. Safe in the knowledge that there was no reset button , I applied a lot of pressure with both thumbs and managed to move the switch back to On. 

The fusebox is in a damp dusty outbuilding and I suspect the switch must be getting corroded/stiff.

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