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Here's list of the Pistols thats i have for sale

Been P17 CO2 Pistol 177

Crosman PFM16 CO2 Full Metal BB

SI93 Beretta M93 style CO2 177 /BB Blowback Pistol 

Elite Force Race Gun CO2 BB Blowback Pistol

Umarex Colt Special Combat Xtreme + Scope

KWC Metal Fixed Slide TT-33 CO2 NBB Pistol

Tanfoglio Limited Custom CO2 177 /BB Blowback Pistol 

Tanfoglio Gold Custom Blowback Co2 177 /BB

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10 hours ago, RoBeRt1990 said:

Hi I'll take the tanfoglio for £75 pm me your payment details 


Hi just sent you my payment details

And Huntly Yes the first pistol on the list is a Been P17

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