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The Pigeon Whisperer

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Yesterday I met up with a man that has the ability to charm pigeons from the sky, he had made no promises other than my car would probably get dirty. 

On arrival at the planned field, some barley drilling’s, the forecasted wind was almost non existent but there were a few birds milling about. We set up hides 40 yards apart a long a hedgerow with a rotary in the middle and decoys in front of each hide.

The birds came in steadily for the next hour some cracking shots by @JDog as usual. We decided to turn the rotary off as we thought maybe the glinting of the arms in the sun may be putting some birds off. This seemed to be a good move as more birds gave the pattern more interest.

JDog was on usual top form, I was watching birds crossing the field paying no attention to the pattern “thinking that’s not coming” when there would be a bang and it’s dropped. 

I started well but started missing absolute doddlers but then hitting more difficult birds, maybe over thinking.

A brilliant day as usual in a lovely part of the country. 

Total picked 43


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A flattering title but not one I associate myself with as I have had many more failures of late than successes.

The field was only drilled on Sunday but it is bang on a flight line so I hoped for some action. We had every shot in the book apart from easy decoyed birds. 

I have taken a lot of people out pigeon shooting but there have not been many occasions when the sport was better than this.



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Some nice photos and a good report to match , sadly shooting over Spring drillings for me are now a rare event , this is mainly due to ideal drilling conditions and up to date modern drills .

One thing I did notice in the report was the magnet was in use from the start and brought back in when it was thought the Pigeons were flaring off due to the glinting arms , Mr JDog is a very experience pigeon shot and decoyer and know fully well when the mechanical aids are an advantage when in use or a disadvantage , but I wonder how many decoyers start off with a good spread of decoys and a couple of floaters and leave battery operated machines in the motor and then put them out later if they think it would draw some of the distant Pigeons in , rather than start off with them out and take them in when they look as if they are doing more harm than good ?  :hmm:  


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Did you spend another cartridge fetching that one down from the tree? 😂

Beautiful spot, great shooting and a nice bag, well done for getting out there and doing a bit 👍

Having my last roost shoot of the winter tomorrow, in the same spot as my last decent bag with the rather long-winded report.  Hoping to end my roost shooting season with something worth another post about!

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Hope everyone looking forwards to warmer weather for decoying. One of my farmers texted me Monday with crows on fresh drilled beans, there on Tuesday and set up with just two dozen pigeon shells and a pecker to one side and a dozen full bodied crows with two pecking crow. I never use the spinner on drilling’s even though I find it magic on part grown Osr. The field was well littered with spilled beans on the surface and I managed 49 mixed crows and pigeon but, even though I had a cracking day, I hung around to try get that half century! Why I don’t know ‘cause it’s only a number. My pal at the top of the field picked 18, all pigeon, but he only started off with half a dozen shell decoys. Once I got two dead birds on the flappers the birds dove straight in but again I collected nearly ninety empty cases so missing more than hit!! Off again tomorrow on the assumption more birds will have found the field. We’ve previously had a few twenty to thirty bird days on the same farm on Osr so it seems there are more pigeons about than usual after the flocks have nearly fully broken up but most of the pigeon were quite small although fully feathered up in full colour. One thing I have noticed is the total lack of gunshots in the distance when I’ve been out, the only noise coming from the many gas guns booming away.

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